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Compositeur : CONTE Steve
Description :
OPENING/Lyrics: Tim Jensen & Music & Arrangement: Yoko Kanno
Paroles :


In the cold breeze,
that I walk along
The memories...the generation burned within me
There forever...
Since I cried the pain and sorrow,
I live and die, proud of my people gaining.

I am here standing on the edge
and starying up at where the moon should be...


No regret, cause I've got nothing to lose,
Ever stray!
So, I'm gonna live my life as I choose
Until I fall...


in the while freeze
never spoke of tears
or opened up to anyone including myself
I would like to
find a way to open to you
been a while, don't know if I remember how to

I'm here waiting on the edge
would I be alright showing myself to you
it's always been so hard to do

no regret cause I've got nothing to lose
ever stray
so I'm gonna live my life as I choose
until I fall

is there a place waiting for me?
somewhere that I belong
or will I always live this way?

always stray
no regret cause I've got nothing to lose
ever stray
so I'm gonna live my life as I choose
cause all things fall

Compositeur : SAKAMOTO Maaya
Description :
ENDING/Lyrics: Troy & Music and Arrangements: Yoko Kanno
Paroles :
been a long road to follow
been there and gone tomorrow
without saying goodbye to yesterday
are the memories I hold still valid?
or have the tears deluded them?

maybe this time tomorrow
the rain will cease to follow
and the mist will fade into one more today
something somewhere out there keeps calling

am I going home?
will I hear someone singing solace to the silent moon?
zero gravity what's it like?

am I alone?

is somebody there beyond these heavy aching feet
still the road keeps on telling me to go on
something is pulling me
I feel the gravity of it all
Wolf's Rain © 2003 NOBUMOTO Keiko, Bones / BONES

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